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Arte Pizza


Alisar Solutions is proud to present our latest client’s website. After long interviews with the client understanding the idea he wanted to display on his website, we finally came to a finished product tailored as per his requirements. This project begun with our development and designing team working on prototypes for our client to choose, settle and proceed with. Technologies used and implemented include HTM, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery and Bootstrap. These technologies were used to create the body of the website which will adjust itself to every screen including tablet, mobile. The designs are all hand made by our team including the time-lapse displayed on the front page. This is a new way of bringing life and responsiveness to the website and a new service you can expect to see from our company. Should you be interested in our service and our products feel free to contact us to get a Quote on price depending on your needs and size of your business. Drop by Arte Pizza for Delicious Traditional Italian food.